Providing musical playlists for all occasions

While driving in the car… while cooking… having a dinner party… sitting around reading newspapers and drinking coffee on a Sunday morning …dancing on a Friday or Saturday night. Discovering new artists that may have slipped by without you being aware of their new records.

Finestkind is to enjoy music, to discover new music and have music as an important part of your life

I hope that as people discover finestkind that they will tell their friends and the word spreads that db’s finestkind can be relied upon to entertain, to introduce and be in sync with your emotions

db’s finestkind has a logo which is trademarked. And db’s finestkind will be mentioned in every playlist that is available or will be available on Spotify Apple and later on Deezer.

This website is dedicated to db’s finestkind

From this website you can also discover the history of David Bates otherwise known as alias db, the work that he has done in his life , the artists that he has worked with and the records that he has made or supervised.

It is also a site that leads to the playlists, genres and themes themselves

Latest db’s finestkind Playlists

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