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On Air db's weekly radio show

The db weekly “radio show” with the best of the week’s releases and some of the month’s finest.

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where invited musicians, producers, writers, artists and actors reveal their
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Music To Your Ears Collections

This website is dedicated to db finestkind

From this website you can discover the history of David Bates – otherwise known as … db.  Drawing on the work that he has done, the artists he has worked with, the records he has made or supervised plus a lifetime of exploring, discovering and enjoying the finest music and musicians. It all leads to the playlists and collections, db’s finestkind.

finestkind…. is to enjoy the music you know and love…

…and to discover new music and new artists. 

Keeping music as an important element in our lives and providing exquisitely curated  playlists for all occasions. Whether driving in the car… while cooking… having a dinner party… or sitting around reading newspapers and drinking coffee on a Sunday morning… when you need refuge, relief or release…when you just have to celebrate…dancing on a Friday or Saturday night… when you need inspiration for new sounds to experience or explore. Going out for that healthy walk or run. Or just as a background vibe, finestkind is there for you and for all occasions…

db finestkind  – The Years

There was a time when you could hear new artists being highlighted on the radio, around at your friends’ house or by reading the music press.

Now you can hear the finest new artists and songs that may have slipped by without you being aware – in each and every year from 1952 to 2020

db finestkind

To really enjoy these crafted playlists make sure that you go to Settings under your account and ensure “Autoplay” “Playback” and “Shuffle”  are switched off .

This is so you get the best possible enjoyment.

To get in touch with feedback, encouragement, suggestions and information….contact us


The artwork for db’s finestkind “The Years” was provided by Paul Ridout.
Paul also designed the banners and quite a few of the playlist covers. He also provided encouragement

Much of the design for the other playlist covers was provided by Christopher Merrick Hughes… also the main encouragement for starting this
Record Producer | Chris Merrick Hughes Producer Artist Musician

Jamie Colonna was the inspired gent who designed the flyers and statements and also encouragement


The website is designed by Antin at Created in Bath…..

db’s finestkind is trademarked and is copyrighted

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