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finestkind is to enjoy music, to discover new music and have music as an important part of your life

I hope that as people discover finestkind that they will tell their friends and the word spreads that db’s finestkind can be relied upon to entertain, to introduce and be in sync with your emotions

  • Freshly Peeled

    Freshly Peeled


    The best New Music releases of this week for you to enjoy and some of the months finest too. Discover new music and new artists in a wonderful running order. db finestkind collates the finest music out
  • finestkind Guest List

    finestkind Guest List

    Guest List is a place where invited musicians, producers, writers, artists and actors reveal their All-time top 100
  • finestkind acoustic

    finestkind acoustic

    Acoustically Yours lovingly crafted by the Curator db …….The finest acoustic styled songs pulled together forming a beautiful flowing charming playlist. Perfect at any time day or night, driving, working, relaxing or a background to a a dinner party with friends……
  • finestkind drivetime

    finestkind drivetime

    Get your motor runnin'....heading down the "motorway"....looking for adventure..... the finestkind of driving soundtrack....sing out loud.. sing out proud..tap that the window let everyone join in....make your motoring fun....the M1 to Highway 61 .......and highway to the sun
  • finestkind that sunday feeling

    finestkind that sunday feeling

    that sunday feeling… a perfect day to lounge, maybe read the papers, drink your favourite tea or coffee, possibly take a light breakfast, with some mood enhancing music. In the winter a log fire, in the summer sitting in the sun or just lying in bed. These playlists are for you to help set that perfect vibe and chill … no matter the weather … its that Sunday feeling.
  • finestkind atmospheric soulful electronica jazz and classical

    finestkind atmospheric soulful electronica jazz and classical

    Inspired from a cd sent to db by james drummond, db reworked re constructed and curated this playlist and this inspired a new set of compilations. Contemporary Classic and Electronic are almost one and the same.

  • finestkind…… the 3’s

    finestkind…… the 3’s

    It is a tradition. That finestkind vol3 each year has the joy of being the atmospheric electronica contemporary classic nu elctro jazz acoustic mellow sunday morning soundtrack to coffee in bed with the newspapers. Started in 2003. They are all in one playlist...... hours of bliss
  • finestkind Anthems of Rock

    finestkind Anthems of Rock

    Every classic rocking track , head nodding guaranteed. Inspired by those great nights in the Buccaneer, the Wapentake...and the Marquee. Be proud Play it Loud. Riffs a plenty, drum beats and pumping Bass.
  • finestkind artists&bands

    finestkind artists&bands

    Arguably the finest artists ever, with their finest songs and finest recordings. From 1927 up to today, finestkind celebrates the richest vein of musical joy, the genius, the influential, their songs, their highs, with all the various styles, genres and moods.They are not chosen by Record sales, by ticket sales, by Streaming or by words……..these are simply the finest. Available for you to enjoy
  • finestkind…… a psychedelic love in

    finestkind…… a psychedelic love in

    Psychedelia ......the finestkind of Britain with the finestkind of East Coast and West Coast of America.. all coloured all consuming, a guaranteed trip.......for all..........hits and obscure wonders….
  • finestkind Great British Songbook

    finestkind Great British Songbook

    The 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s saw the United States establish the Great American Songbook. However it would be the 1960’s when British songwriting truly came into its own on the world stage. So much so that many people thought the songs were American. Here for your enjoyment and discovery is the finestkind Great British Songbook.
  • finestkind Music Artists and Bands from these Cities

    finestkind Music Artists and Bands from these Cities

    Cities and towns home to artists musicians singers players  bands. The places where they were born or where they started. When you listen. to the music and the songs, these are unique cities, enjoy their finest.
  • finestkind COVERS

    finestkind COVERS

    Those hits and songs that you fall in love with are sometimes written by them but sometimes are written by others …. this playlist selection are all “covers” written by other writers and or performers. Who knew..Simple Minds Iggy Pop..Simply Red all covers
  • finestkind on the road

    finestkind on the road

    This was created for Bands/Artists to take on their Tour Bus. Hopefully enjoyable as a listen during the long hours of travelling and perhaps inspirational too. Across all genres of music some familiar names and songs and some new introductions. Blues Acoustic Jazz Rockabilly Rock n Roll Soul R&B.
  • finestkind HipFunkHopGrooves&Vibes

    finestkind HipFunkHopGrooves&Vibes

    Gettin ready? Going Out? Friday Saturday? so fill your Boots get ready to Rumble old school Soul Funk Hip Hop Grooves and all the Moves The weekend starts here! Going Travelling......lift up your spirits get into the vibe
  • New Wave Jukebox db finestkind

    New Wave Jukebox db finestkind

    The finest jukbox in the world was in No1 University Place just off Washington Sq in NYC during the 1970's thru to the 1990's. Whoever curated that box knew what they were doing. The latest imports from England mixed with the New Wave of the USA and every month a spotlight on vintage classics……finestkind
  • finestkind…...the years

    finestkind…...the years


    some of the finest music curated for you, each year from 1952 to the present day. Check out recommendations, catch up on things you may have missed or simply discover new music for the first time.

  • finestkind Gems

    finestkind Gems

  • finestkind Nu Beat Electronica

    finestkind Nu Beat Electronica

    Nu Beat... Electronic rhythmic creative grooves beats songs interesting ideas great sounds fantastic vibes some you may know some you will love some you will get to know some you will get to love
  • finestkind Souq 'n' Soul--db's finestkind

    finestkind Souq 'n' Soul--db's finestkind

    As dark descends in Marrakech, Jamaa El Fna, becomes a musical paradise. This was the inspiration for Souq n Soul. When you cross the Atlas Mountains more musical gems can be heard and so, on to Mali, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, All with astounding sounds, songs, musicians and singers. أرقى نوع
  • finestkind Rock 'n' Roll

    finestkind Rock 'n' Roll

    Some of the finest rock n roll songs by some of the greatest rock n roll artists. Foot tapping is likely but maybe grab your partner and Jive . Hits, classics and some rare treats. Johnnie Allan to Don Wood... Sweet little rock and roller shake your nerves and rattle your brain

  • finestkind Synth Rock

    finestkind Synth Rock

    the finest synthesizer tracks, song, tunes and grooves...Berlin..London...Liverpool..New York...Los Angeles.. the world unites to the Magic of the Moog the Electrodes of the EMS the Fabulous Fairlight...... joyful hits and obscure joys
  • finestkind producers

    finestkind producers

  • finestkind shoulda been a single

    finestkind shoulda been a single

    Why and Who? These are some of the best and the greatest songs that should have been released as a single. the hits the smashes, delights we were denied. Who made that decison? These would have been smashes……!!!

  • finestkind greatcoats bumpers and sleeves

    finestkind greatcoats bumpers and sleeves

    There was a time in the 60's and early 70's, you wore an ex military greatcoat, jeans or flares with "Bumpers" or All Stars shoes. Under your arm for all to see a vinyl album that you were going to play to your friends. It also signalled what you were into musically. Acoustic prog blues rock … showed this with pride
  • finestkind festivals

    finestkind festivals


    Music festivals: Beautiful days beautiful music.. these are just some of the songs played on the day from artists who appeared at the festival..taken from their set list….. these are from artists albums… turn on tune in….feel the vibe from the comfort of your home…

  • finestkind Daves Garage--XFM

    finestkind Daves Garage--XFM


    db was invited to join the legendary radio station XFM and have a regular show. db immediately contacted the legend Cally Calloman as his partner. This show had a good following of musicians and ragamuffins enjoying the varied program.
  • finestkind Soul

    finestkind Soul

  • finestkind Reggae 'n' Dub

    finestkind Reggae 'n' Dub

    From the streets of Notting Hill to the shores of Montego Bay, beautiful music inspired from the green and pleasant land of Jamaica can be heard.. forming a perfect soundtrack to a bar b q..or setting a cheerful vibe to a gathering, party...or just driving….finestkind
  • finestkind Soul R&B--60's & 70's

    finestkind Soul R&B--60's & 70's

    oh my oh my, the finest grooves and songs from a very rich period of American music. During the 1960's and 1970's just the best soul rhythm and blues music was heard on the radio and in the clubs. This is still strong hearing this today.. have a party db will provide the sounds......get down