db’s finestkind concept and website structure overview


At the base level db’s finestind consists of a number of playlists created and curated by David Bates. The playlists are currently held on Spotify but they will also be available on additional platforms in the future.

A playlist is initially established on Spotify and then pulled through (from Spotify) within it’s own unique area on the website (within the catalogue as a product); and can then be allocated to one or more Playlist Collections. ‘Playlist Collections’ is a high level category within the (Woocommerce) product catalogue.

see website structure diagram

There are three fundamental content management actions:

1. Create a new Playlist Collection (which involves adding a new woocommerce category and a new WP Carousel Pro carousel)
2. Create a new playlist (which involves adding a new woocommerce product which has to then be allocated to a collection / woocommerce category)
3. Add a new playlist (add a new woocommerce product) to an existing collection (woocommerce category)

How is a single playlist displayed on the website and how are playlists grouped together for viewing purposes

⁃ A playlist exists on Spotify and is displayed within a woocommerce product
⁃ Using a woocommerce category structure, playlists are then grouped into collections – collections is not a woocommerce term but a general term used within this website
⁃ A collection of playlists is then displayed using a product carousel (WP Carousel Pro)
⁃ To keep things simple the collection ‘title’ should be the same as the woocommerce category name (eg. finestkind alltime, finestkind drivetiime) as should the collection description and collection artwork be the same as the wooommerce category description and image

To setup a playlist requires four items:
⁃ a playlist title
⁃ an image (playlist artwork)
⁃ a Spotify link for the playlist
⁃ a collection (woocommerce category) to exist within (a playlist cannot stand alone within the website – it must exist within at least one playlist collection)
⁃ a playlist description

To setup a new collection requires:
⁃ a collection title (also used as the associated woocommerce category)
⁃ a collection name
⁃ an image (collection artwork)
⁃ a collection description

To display a new collection on the website requires:
⁃ the establishment of a woocommerce category for this collection e.g finestkind alltime (note: all collections are sub-categories under the master category ‘Playlist Collections’)
⁃ the creation of at least one woocommerce product used to display a particular Spotify playlist. A playlist must be allocated to a woocommerce category (collection) eg. the playlist db’s finestkind alltime vol1 exists in the finestkind alltime collection
⁃ the setup of a carousel using WP Carousel Pro with the collection name eg. finestkind alltime
⁃ the addition of a new section (row) on the Playlist Carousels page pulling through the appropriate carousel eg. finestkind alltime

Setup a Playlist Collection

A playlist collection title is a (woocommerce) category with a parent category of ‘Playlist Collection’ therefore this is the very first thing to establish. This is under Woocommerce / Categories

A Playlist Carousel for this new Playlist Collection then needs to be setup – WP Carousel Pro / Add New. This Playlist Carousel is then added to the Playlist Collections page.

A Playlist Collection has a title and a short description – this short description has to be entered into two places – the category description and the Playlist Carousel toggle.

Individual db finestkind playlists are then allocated to one or many Playlist Collections


Step 1 – Setup woocommerce sub-category of Playlist Collections using the title for this collection as the sub-category name.

Step 2 – Setup the first volume for this collection as a woocommerce product and ensure allocated to the category in step 1

Step 3 – Setup a new WP Carousel Pro Carousel for this collection – remember to set the category for the carousel to the exact same title usied in step 1 and note down the shortcode – it will look like this 

Step 4 – Setup the carousel row on the Playlist Carousel page



Setup an Individual Playlist


Each playlist requires the following for the website:

1. Playlist Title

2. Short playlist description (optional and usually same as on Spotify)

3. Link to Spotify playlist

4. Image / Artwork (480px square with no borders)


Create a 480 pixel square image for the playlist artwork (usually the same as the Spotify image for this playlist)

Obtain the Spotify Link

Use a prior playlist and the ‘copy to a new draft’ facility

Amend title and edit permalink to match this title

Copy Spotify link into Short Description

Use the 480 pixel square image as the product image

Individual db finestkind playlists cab be allocated to one or many Playlist Collections using the category structure


Walkthrough – setup of new Playlist Collection – Alltime…

… initially just with a single playlist



This is the first Spotify playlist within this Playlist Collection:

Alltime–finestkind vol1


A website playlist carousel showcases a number of individual playlists grouped together in what is termed a ‘Playlist Collection’ these can be viewed on this page:

Playlist Carousels

The title for the associated Playlist Carousel for this Playlist Collection is:


The short description of the associated Playlist Carousel for this Playlist Collection is:

Perhaps the greatest songs ever from the finest artists. A unique and excellent time in their career, recording their most outstanding tracks for you to enjoy, forever…..gathered here the finest alltime playlist… for your enjoyment

The Woocommerce category for this Playlist Carousel is:

‘finestkind alltime’ (which is a sub-category of woocommerce category ‘Playlist Collections’

The woocommerce category image for this Playlist Carousel is:

How to setup a website playlist carousel


The title for this playlist is:

Alltime–finestkind vol1

The artwork for this playlist is:

The Spotify link for this playlist is:

Spotify – Alltime–finestkind vol1

Creating the website page that presents information about this playlist

The website page that presents information about an individual playlist is actually a woocmmerce product page as this provides the most flexibility.

It is best to start with an existing woocommerce product page and then use the Copy to a new draft facility.